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Day 1: Basics of Tower Modeling and Design
  • Step-by-step data input instructions
  • Editing techniques and shortcuts
  • Tower sections generation, base tower, upper tower and antenna modeling
  • Monopoles (incl. base plates)
  • Analysis and design options
  • Feed line input, feed line types, shielding options, feed line clusters
  • Appurtenances and microwave antennas, offsets and azimuths
  • Welded and bolted connections
  • Structural shapes and appurtenance database – adding, editing, updating
  • Numerous "real-world" examples
  • No prerequisite
Day 2: Advanced Tower Modeling and Design
  • Detailed discussion of bracing types and their applications
  • Effective feed line and appurtenance placement
  • Solution control parameters and their impact on convergence of non-linear analysis
  • Non-converging models, typical causes and remedies
  • Graphical and text output – detailed interpretation, isolating member failure causes
  • Finite Element Analysis input and output, model diagnostics using FEA information
  • Specific code implementation issues for TIA-222, Rev. F and G
  • Worked-out examples and their comparisons with manual calculations
  • Prerequisite: Course 1

Days 1 and 2 provide 8 PDH units (0.8 CEU) each. Certificates of completion will be provided to all participants.

Online Videos

tnxTower/RISA-3D Integration Demonstration

Learn how to bring your tnxTower model into RISA-3D. Create a customized tower by changing your loads, geometry or code in RISA-3D.

Download (53.9 MB)

tnxTower Candelabra Demonstration

Learn how to quickly build a candelabra in RISA-3D and import into your tnxTower model. Create loads and apply guys to the candelabra.

Download (24.6 MB)