tnxFoundation Overview

tnxFoundation is a standalone application for tower foundation design. It may be used as an extension of tnxTower, or as a separate program. tnxFoundation features automatic import of support geometry and load data from tnxTower analyses. Alternatively, this information can be entered manually for each foundation design project.

tnxFoundation setup screen 

Key Features
  • Multiple foundation types (Pad and Pier, Pad, Caisson, Pad with Piles, Pad and Pier with Piles, Mat and Piers, Mat, Mat with Piles, Mat and Piers with Piles)
  • Material and geometry type definitions
  • Soil layer definitions
  • Imported or user-defined load cases and load combinations
  • Foundation geometry optimization
  • Foundation stability verification
  • Required reinforcement determination
  • Post-installed anchor analysis
  • Reports with calculation results
  • Import of tower support data (monopoles, self-supporting lattice towers, guyed towers, guy anchor blocks)
  • Supported unit systems: US and Metric
  • User-editable databases (concrete, reinforcing steel, steel pile, soils)
Powerful Design Capabilities
  • Complete verification of failure modes: bearing, sliding, uplift, and overturning
  • Concrete footing analysis and design: flexure, one-way and punching shear, geometry optimization
  • Concrete caisson analysis and design: flexure, compression, uplift, lateral loads (Broms, p-y), geometry optimization
  • Pile and pile cap analysis and design: single pile and pile group compression/tension, pile axial capacity, pile cap flexure, one-way and punching shear, geometry optimization

tnxFoundation caisson diagrams 

Extensive Analysis and Design Reporting
  • Geotechnical and structural design reports
  • Summary and detailed reports for all foundation types
  • Shear, moment, and deflection diagrams for caissons
  • Clear and comprehensive presentation of the results
  • MS Word and PDF formatted documents