tnxCable Overview

Quick Determination of Cable Tensions

tnxCable calculates cable tension changes due to temperature differences. The program will also calculate the tangent intercept distance that may be used to determine the tension in a guy wire (refer to ANSI/TIA-222-G, Annex K: Measuring Guy Tensions, Section B).

Easy, Intuitive Data Input
  • Guy type and size
  • Guy geometry and original prestress
  • Temperatures at original tensioning and at re-tensioning

tnxCable input screen 

Instant Results
  • Initial tension force at the as-erected temperature
  • Required value of the tension force at the re-tension temperature
  • Chord, stressed, and unstressed lengths of the cable
Comprehensive and Clear Reporting
  • For the initial tension and temperature: guy angle at the anchor, guy chord angle, chord cable length, unstressed cable length
  • For 12 temperature values below and above the As-Erected Temperature: stressed cable length, intercept for the sight line tangent at anchor, intercept for the sight line tangent at offset point, guy tension at tower, anchor, and average
  • MS Word formatted document

tnxCable is an add-on to tnxTower. It requires that tnxTower be installed in the same directory.